Oh man I just dreamt inside my dream that I made out with Alex Turner. It was AWESOME.

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The first eye:


The second eye:


i have never seen a more accurate post

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We tell our women “get into science, get into math, get into the pipeline.” Who wants to be in a pipeline full of acid?

Alicia Menendez - The View

I’m at the car dealership, waiting for my service recall to be completed, and this statement caught the attention of every woman in the room. Unsurprisingly, they all nodded in assent while the few men in the room looked uncomfortable.

The point is valid: even if access to STEM and other male dominated fields is made available, we need to do something about the culture in the field. Access to a pipeline full of acid, while it is still access, serves to maintain inequality.

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so my sister works in STEM & if you talked to her for like 5 minutes she can tell you how true this is. it’s fucking poisonous

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"are you talking to yourself"

no i’m breaking the fourth wall

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When a financial institution asks me my “mother’s maiden name” as a security question. Because it’s assumed that I have at least one and no more than one mother in my life AND that she married AND that she gave up her own name AND that that part of her identity was erased enough from my public history so as to be a password to access my private information.

Holy crap, I never realized.

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